Get Enter the Gungeon and God’s Trigger Free Now

I don’t say this often, but…thanks, Epic. I guess.

Epic Games Store has a treat for you this week!  The incredible Enter the Gungeon and God’s Trigger are 100% free until next Thursday.  Result!

Enter the Gungeon is brutal but brilliant, and God’s Trigger is a ton of fun and gorgeous.  If you’re a fan of Hotline Miami, you have to check it out.

Given that Enter the Gungeon costs £10.99 on Steam, and God’s Trigger costs £11.95, so that’s a heck of a deal.

When Enter the Gungeon and God’s Trigger leave the Epic Games Store on 27th August, Epic has an even more amazing gift for you: Hitman and the entire Shadowrun Collection.  Yes, that’sShadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall: Director Cut, and Shadowrun Hong Kong: Extended Edition, all free.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never played an Epic Games Store game.  I keep redeeming those darn games because, why not, they are free, but have I installed them?  No.

I just wish Steam would give me free games.  I’d probably play those.