Uncharted 4, Drake gaming on the couch with a friend as an adult gamer.

Gaming as a Grown-Up: Does Our Game Taste Change With Time?

It is only normal for adults to have different interests as they age. Their preferences can change, as they may develop a taste for something that is different than what they may have experienced when they were in their youth, or they may have access to something that may not have been available.

Gaming is one area in which changes can often take place, with gamers finding that they may gain a passion for a different genre or type of game as they age. Tastes in video games can often differ immensely as we get older, as we may develop an interest in a type of title that may not have been accessible in the past.

Gamers when they are younger may be interested in sports-themed games as this can be what they are passionate about, but as they get older, they may begin to lose interest in them and start enjoying other types of games. They may stick with the same genre but decide to opt for a different experience. Players who enjoy sports games may find that they enjoyed playing FIFA (which could have been criticized more than it was here – https://growngaming.com/feature/why-fifa-titles-need-to-be-criticized-more/ ) when they were younger and controlling each player but as they got older, they may enjoy the managerial aspects of the sport and opt for Football Manager or something similar.

Adult gamers may develop tastes for games of risk, especially as they are of legal age and have likely been exposed to them. The iGaming industry has become extremely popular worldwide, with countries like Australia highlighting the interest it has received from its adult population.

According to data, around 38% of Australian adults had gambled at least once per week, with many using resources like https://www.australiaonlinecasinosites.com/ to find the best options for them to enjoy a positive experience. A total of 6.8 million Australians were found to spend money on at least one gambling activity per month, further highlighting how popular the industry is.

Of course, this is perhaps not a surprise given that Australia has a thriving gaming culture. Figures suggest that around 81% of the country’s population enjoy the pastime, with the average age of a gamer being approximately 35 years old. Furthermore, there is almost an equal split in the gender of the player, with 46% of females identifying themselves as gamers.

Why do our gaming preferences change as we get older?

Understanding why our tastes may change as we get older can be a little more complex than simply just saying that they do as part of natural evolution and that it is something that happens. There are countless reasons and factors that can help to explain why our preferences may be different from our youth as we get older. This is not to say that a change in tastes is always guaranteed to happen, but it is not uncommon.

A reason why we may find that we start to like different types of games as we get older can be related to the free time that we have. In our youth, we do not have as many commitments as when we are an adult. We do not have a job in which we are required to dedicate most of the time we have to earn when we are young, meaning we had more time to be able to spend playing games. With a lack of time available now, we may opt to play shorter games or choose genres of games that can be easily completed rather than playing those that once required a significant number of hours to be dedicated to completing the title.

Naturally, as we get older, we can simply develop new interests. We might enjoy something when we are younger, but as we grow into adulthood, we may no longer enjoy it. It is not uncommon to enjoy something and then have no interest in it with age. Additionally, new interests can be developed as an adult through new experiences, such as traveling or learning about new cultures. This can directly influence the types of games that are enjoyed.

In addition to new interests, we also become more appreciative of certain cultural things that can influence our tastes for different video games. We may develop a greater appreciation for visuals used in game titles as we get older, which may influence our decision to play something completely different to a title that may have been enjoyed when in our youth.

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that not all gamers will lose or change their tastes and preferences for the type of video games they have as they get older, although it is not uncommon for this to happen. As we age and obtain new experiences throughout our lives in various ways, these can all have an influence on the types of games we play, as can a change in responsibilities and the availability of free time.

Nonetheless, regardless of a player’s taste and whether it has changed or not, there is a video game out there for everyone.