Games That Cross the Line between Gaming and Gambling

There is a huge difference between gaming and gambling. However, today, these two terms are often used interchangeably. The term gaming represents games as an entertainment activity, without expectations of real-money rewards. On the other hand, we have gambling which does provide a type of entertainment but there is an expectation of winning real money by playing the games. 

Uncharted 4, Drake gaming on the couch with a friend as an adult gamer.

However, sometimes the lines get blurry. Today we have a wide range of video games that offer minigames inside them which can resemble traditional casino games. In those minigames inside bigger games, players can put in real money and experience the thrill of the risk of either winning or losing their money. So, if you are curious about which games cross the line between gaming and gambling, here is a list. 

Fallout New Vegas

Casino in Fallout New Vegas

The setting of this game is post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. You need to help the main hero find his way across Nevada Stip, and you can actually stumble upon some casinos which are still functioning. This is often a welcoming distraction for players and they are offered games such as slots and card games. However, if you don’t want to play this game in order to experience the thrills of slots and card games, you can come over here and test your luck. 

Red Dead Redemption 2

This game will take you to the Wild West where you need to be quick on the draw and shoot straight. This game is a pretty great representation of the classic Westerns of the sixties and you can experience the atmosphere and way of life by relaxing at a saloon and have a drink while playing poker or blackjack with the locals. 


Six years ago, when the game was launched it did not have a casino. However, GTA V had a gala opening and fans were thrilled with the new offers of various avenues of real-money gambling and races, slot machines and table games where blackjack and poker are played. 

Knights of the Old Republic

This game is another example of a game infused with gambling elements after its launch. Knight of the Old Republic includes a very engaging minigame called Pazaak. Pazaak is a fictional card game that truly reminds everyone of blackjack.

Witcher 3

Game of the year for a few times with a reason, Witcher 3 has introduced an amazing virtual card game called Gwent. This game has compelling features and you can roam around the open world to find valuable playing cards and play with almost any in-game character. And even though Gwent is not a traditional casino game, it still offers a dose of gambling opportunities and you even need to develop some serious skills in order to play and win. What is more, Gwent became such a hit among players of Witcher that there is now a virtual tournament you can play outside the original Witcher 3 game, named Gwent Tournaments. 

Loot Boxes

3 virtual loot boxes that can be purchased for real money.

Loot boxes are not found in only one specific game. Loot boxes exist in a vast variety of games, no matter the genre and setting. These great little loot boxes help you with your gameplay and they often sell random items. However, game developers do not reveal the contents and you actually need to spend real money in order to know what’s in the box. This is a surprise element of such games and it poses a certain win-lose risk since players are spending money without any knowledge of what is in the loot box and if it’s going to be valuable. There is a lot of luck and gambling involved in this. 

So whether you like just gaming or just gambling, or even both, these few games can help you satisfied the need for both. But can be great about these games that cross this line is that you can easily play the base gameplay without having to engage in any of the gambling activities. It is entirely up to you.