Playing poker in Red Dead Redemption

My 3 Favorite Gambling Mini-Games In Video Games

I promise I do not have a problem.  I pinky promise.

I’m not going to lie, I enjoy gambling.  I’ve been to Las Vegas three times, I’m a regular at my local casino and my weekend usually consists of online betting and putting an accumulator on sports games.  With that being said, I’m very aware of the risks of getting addicted to the buzz of gambling and keep that at the forefront of my mind when sitting down at the blackjack table.  When it’s time to walk away, I get on my feet.

With that being said, I’ve been known to partake in a virtual gambling game or two with a gamepad in my hand.  Here are my three favorite haunts:

1) Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad

I don’t care what anyone says, Final Fantasy VIII is the best in the series… but that’s an argument for another day!

The hugely popular Japanese RPG introduced my little brain to the wonderful card game called Triple Triad.  That background tune will stick with me forever.

2) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Gwent

The Witcher 3 is probably my favorite game released in the last decade.  The story, the incredible game world, being a general badass…what more could you want?

But this article isn’t about my power fantasies.  And a special mention needs to go to Gwent.

Some games have mini-games for players to catch their breath during the middle of an action-packed game.  In any other game, Gwent would have been something to pass 5 minutes then never return to again.  It just so happens that Gwent was actually so addictive that it even spawned a physical game.

3) Red Dead Redemption’s Poker

This is number three in this list but it’s actually my number one.  When I feel like getting a fix, I load up Rockstar’s wild west epic and jump into the nearest saloon for a few games of poker.

The best bit is that when you’re done playing by the Texas Hold’Em rules, you could blatantly cheat, get taught, then be challenged to a life-or-death showdown.  Pretty sweet, right?

While I could close this article saying how much fun gambling is (and it really can be), I’d like to close by acknowledging that it can be extremely addictive.  Whether online, in virtual worlds or in real life, if getting that little thrill starts to take over your life, definitely get help.  Those in the UK can hit up the NHS website for advice.