Why Bookies Are Giving Free Bets to Gamers

The world is changing before the eyes of gamers. Gone are the days mothers would tell their kids to give up the console, or they’d miss the world go round. Now it’s gamers that make it spin.

Esports is nothing new, but we’ve seen the industry explode to life and dominate over the last three years. The top US gamers now compete for millions of dollars in prize money, taking on the best the UK, Spain, Canada, and Brazil has to offer.

Major betting sites online can claim some of that success as they helped drive esports into the mainstream. Bookies are helping support esport’s growth by offering odds, accepting wagers, and giving free bets.

That means if you’re into gaming and gambling, this article is worth its weight in gold. Keep reading as we explain why bookies offer gamers free bets and how to claim your share.

Too good to resist

You may be wondering why bookies offer new customers a free bet. And that would be the right questions to ask. Yes, there are dozens of excellent, eye-catching betting deals, but why? Knowing the answer to that will get you the best deal possible.

The online esports betting industry is fiercely competitive as long-established bookies from Las Vegas to London compete with the best of the new and online-only apps. Firms must stand out from the crown to ensure a steady stream of new players and an increasing market share. Giving free bets and promotions is a great way to get noticed.

Online sportsbooks are thirsty for new customers and willing to bend backward to accommodate. If you want to bet on esports, now is the time to start. Join as many bookies as you wish, register accounts, and claim the free bets.

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Registering an account

Now we know why bookies are eager to give all new players a free bet and why they target gamers. Now let’s explain how to claim your share and bag $50 or more on free esports bets. It’s quick, user-friendly, and secure.

To join a sportsbook and gamble, you must first register an account. You can browse the betting apps and sites but must hold an account to gamble. Thankfully, creating a betting account takes just a few minutes. Follow the steps below on your desktop computer or smartphone app to sign up.

  1. Find the bookmaker you wish to join, visit their homepage, and click Join.
  2. Complete the registration form, adding your name, date of birth, email address, and other information.
  3. Create a username and password for your account. Take care to ensure these details are memorable but secure.
  4. Check your details and confirm. The customer care team then checks the information and confirms the account.
  5. Your new betting account is live, and you can start checking for bets, comparing promos, and adding funds.

Bag a free bet

Finally, we have arrived at the most exciting part of our article, claiming your free bet on esports. Many new customer promotions include free bets, enhanced odds, extra places each way, cashback, and more. There’s something to suit every style of esports bettor.

The deposit-matched free bet is the most popular betting promo available to esports gamblers today. Create an account following the steps in the previous section, then deposit $10 or more using your debit card. The bookie will then match your first deposit with free bet tokens.

The deposit-matched free bet is popular as it works well for both bookie and bettor. The more you deposit and gamble on your first visit, the more generous your free bet. You control how much you spend and recieve, which is ideal for new players as it offers reassurance that there will be no surprises.

What to back

Now that you’re ready to gamble on esports with your free bet, we’ll explain how to record your first wager. Sign in to your betting account and click the esports tab. Find the competition, fixture, and selection, and click the odds to add to your bet slip.

The pick will appear in your bet slip, where you can add the desired stake, check and confirm. Your bet is accepted and live. It can’t be changed, and a cash-out offer will appear.