Fortnite Adds Another 100m Players, Now Tops 350m Players

Forget what you’ve heard, Fortnite isn’t dea.  In fact, Fortnite is very much alive – so much so that it has added another 100 million registered players in the past year, bringing the total number of registered players to 350 million.  Those players spent over 3.2 billion hours playing in April.

The announcement came from the official Fortnite twitter account.

Travis Scott’s Astronomical event likely boosted the numbers in April, as the popularity of the event boosted Fortnite’s concurrent player record to 12.3 million users.  It is safe to say that the battle royale title is only going from strength to strength.

But, like they say, Fortnite is dead.  No one is playing it any more.  It’s over.  Or something?