The Sims working on a PC.

Favorite Android Games for Your Computer to Play Now

Playing your favorite Android games on PC – who would have guessed? Well, Google Play has now made it possible to download a dedicated piece of software and turn your mobile gaming into PC sessions. Whether you choose to play roulette and read up on the best overview of roulette strategies or try out some of the classic games available on the Google Play Store, you are in for a treat.

Bowser with a mobile phone gaming.

There are tons of excellent games designed for Android that will really strike home with you and make it worth your while to play them. If you do pick a game of roulette, we recommend checking in with Roulette77 UK before you play, as you can pick some neat tips and tricks and make your session more enjoyable in the long run!

Age of Apes

Now, for the first time ever, you can play the classic Age of Apes game that you have been used to gaming on from your mobile smartphone on PC. The game combines elements of resource management and strategy where players try to navigate a fledgling society of monkeys that tend to be quick to anger, which excites lots of unrest across the game, with many brawls, fights, and all-out wars. Players need to strengthen their outposts, train the best monkey army, and assert their dominance. Once only available for Android, this game is now hitting your PC, thanks to Google Play.

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars

Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars is a brilliant game, indeed! In it, you will be heading to conquer an entire kingdom, but to get there, you need to recruit and assemble your own army. There are many species and fighters who may be willing to join your band of fighters, including mermaids, dwarves, steampunk robots, and more! You will put together a strong army and take on various challenges, from sieging kingdoms and castles to battling wizards and more.

Lords Mobile has become such a success that the developers have disposed of all in-game advertisements (with a few very small exceptions). The studio has also worked on creating an ever-more captivating storyline that shows and appeals to new and existing players. There has been a big focus on making the game as challenging as possible, with Lords Mobile definitely posing a fresh challenge to players across the board. This is an amazing Android game to experience as a fully-fledged PC game these days!

Blade Idle

Blade Idle is an engrossing Android game that you can experience on your PC right this moment. The plot is simple – a herb collector stumbles across a legendary Samurai sword that bestows onto her the powers of sword fighting. She then finds herself fighting all sorts of threats and beasts that seem to originate in nature.

Giant monstrous trees, oversized wasps, poisonous shrooms and more. These horrors are pouring into the world of man and it’s down to you – Blade Idle – to keep them at bay! This RPG-style hack-and-slash Android game definitely brings a lot to the table with its nice graphics, dynamic gameplay, and evolving storyline. One of the best things about Blade Idle is that you can build your skill trees and branch in completely different directions as you see fit. The game also allows you to acquire new equipment and gradually improve your experience across the board so that you come stronger to each round.

What Games to Play on PC that Are on Android?

Pretty much all of them! Thanks to Google Play Games, these amazing Android games and dozens more are now available to you from a desktop PC, once again demonstrating the importance of cross-platform compatibility. Lotsa Slots – Casino Games, World Blackjack Tour, Bravo Casino Slots – Spin&Bingo! are just some of the games to enjoy. There are tons of worthwhile games to explore and thankfully, Android and Google make it so much easier to enjoy them.