Level Up Your Gaming Experience: Exploring the Best Casinos in Video Games

Gambling has always featured in video games in one form or another, and experiencing the thrills of casinos in video games has become the norm as both worlds interact.

While some video games have incorporated casino-themed elements, others include full-fledged mini-casinos, giving you a Vegas-like experience each time you play. If this appeals to you, the games listed below will improve your gaming experience.

Red Dead Redemption

Released in October 2010 by Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption I introduced gamers to the Wil West through the eyes of John Marston, an ex-criminal working to bring his old gang to justice.

Playing poker in Red Dead Redemption

Following the game’s success, Red Dead Redemption II came 8 years later, introducing Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang taken down in the prequel, and Red Dead Online, the multiplayer version of Red Dead Redemption II. In these games, you can expect to play Poker, dice, dominoes, and blackjack.

Since the games are set in the Wild West, gambling is done in saloons instead of casinos. All titles feature some form of gambling, but Red Dead Redemption II and its online version have more activities you can enjoy. In fact, to fully complete the game, you will have to finish off some gambling challenges.

Fallout: New Vegas

Any video game set to mimic Las Vegas is bound to have some gambling action and Fall Out: New Vegas is no different. The game is based in a post-apocalyptic Vegas where a nuclear fallout has destroyed the human race and the remaining survivors live in Vaults to hide from radiation and mutants.

Casino in Fallout New Vegas

Unlike other games, this one features multiple casinos including the Atomic Wrangler, Primm Vikki, Ultra-Luxe, and Sierra Madre Casino. Each of the casinos has its own feel and games like Lucky Horseshoes, Roulette, BlackJack, and slots. While you may not win a casino bonus, you can still get in-game rewards like armor and complimentary vouchers.

Not only that, but players can also enjoy the fictitious game, Caravan, a card game played in the Mojave Wasteland by caravan guards and travelers.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The GTA franchise is all about vice, and gambling is part of the whole experience. GTA San Andreas has ten casinos, three of which are in the city called Las Venturas; the Four Dragons, Caligula’s Palace, and Casino Floor.

CJ in a casino in GTA San Andreas

Each casino offers games like Wheel of Fortune, blackjack, video poker, roulette, and slots, and if a player needs money, the casino will lend it to them. At the same time, you could improve your skills at gambling, and the more you play, the more you succeed.

The game is so realistic that you can go bankrupt while playing at the casinos and if you default on any debt the casino sends gunmen to harass you.

Grand Theft Auto Online

Yes, GTA has featured twice in this list, but only because it has really incorporated casinos. Though GTA San Andreas included several amazing casinos, GTA Online took a step further with the Diamond Casino & Resort, which gives you a realistic feel of a casino.

In the Diamond Casino & Resort, players can place bets using in-game currency on high-stakes games such as roulette, poker, lucky wheels, blackjack, horse race betting, and various slot machines.

Always Sometimes Monsters

For fans of role-playing games, Always Sometimes Monsters is the ideal choice. Every decision you make in the game has an impact on your character and how the game ends, and the plot is exciting.

You are surrounded by daily necessities throughout the game, such as paying bills. Los Vargas, a village in the game featuring a hotel and casino, is one of the places where you may make additional cash.

You may wager on games including slot machines, blackjack, high-stakes rock-paper-scissors, cat racing, and coin flipping at Los Vargas.

Dead Rising 2

For those interested in Zombie apocalypses, this game has it all and to make it more fun, it is based on Fortune City, which was rebuilt after the destruction of Las Vegas. Fortune City has a resort, supermall, and casino strip.

Inspired by Las Vegas, you have lots of gambling activities in the four casinos to pass the time. Slot machines are the main attraction in Fortune City but you can play other table games as well.

Watch Dogs

The fascinating video game Watch Dogs features loads of action and adventure in the created cities. You have to battle corruption in this game, which might be quite taxing on you.

Numerous mini-games, like roulette and poker, have been included by the game’s designers to help players unwind. You can mistake the poker games for live dealer games due to how realistic they look.


More and more popular games have begun to include casino games like slots and table games as part of the gameplay, attracting more casino lovers. However, if you want more action, you can take your pick at the numerous online casinos available.

Written by Dorothy Jones