GTA 5's Trevor looking shocked.

Epic’s GTA 5 Giveaway Exploded Concurrent User Total

Remember Epic’s Grand Theft Auto 5 giveaway in May?  Sure ya do.  It was so popular that it broke the Epic Games Store, making it almost unusable for over a day.

The GTA 5 giveaway, plus those of Civilization 6, Ark: Survival Evolved and Borderlands, helped to encourage many gamers who had boycotted Epic’s storefront to finally give in and install it.

Epic has now confirmed that the giveaways have helped the Epic Game Store to an average peak concurrent user count of 13 million, and upped its monthly active users to over 61 million.

Now, naysayers will say that the 13 million peak concurrent users is paltry compared to Steam’s record of 24.5 million and nearly 95 million monthly active users, but it shows that Epic is quickly establishing itself as the second biggest online game storefront to Valve’s monster – and its not done yet.