Want Easy Money In GTA Online Casinos? Play 3 Card Poker

BY JASON MONROE: I don’t have to tell you why you’d want to make money fast in GTA Online.  You’ve got criminal enterprises to run, weapons to buy and you want the new cars that Rockstar seems to release on a weekly basis.  You could buy Shark Cards but Shark Cards are for chumps.  Or, you could work the system that Rockstar have built, beating the behemoth at its own game (literally).

I love gambling, both virtually and in person. I’ve hit up the best online casinos Canada has to offer (shout out to Casino Jet Bingo) and I’ve earned a decent amount of money from each of my Las Vegas trips.  GTA Online casinos help to scratch the itch for me, and if you’re someone who loves the buzz of placing bets, you should definitely be checking the mode out.

Here’s my method to earn easy money in GTA Online casinos, using 3 card poker.

First things first, pick up the Penthouse, as it will let you place max bets of $105k per hand of 3 card poker.  3 of a kind and straight flush pay about $500k.

You’ll have to learn the basics of 3 card poker but it isn’t the most difficult gambling game you could play in GTA Online.  Basically, play using the Q-6-4 poker strategy (have a quick Google – it will change your life) or better, and fold otherwise.

Now comes working the system.  Force a save by changing outfits in the closet.  Next, go place max bets and try to get up $200-300k in 5 hands or less. If you’re up, go save by changing outfits again and repeat. If you get down, close GTA and when you start back up you’ll have your losses back.

It’s a bit fiddly and repetitive, but you can earn over $2m an hour.

Easy.  Money.

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