Devil May Cry is One of the Top PS2 Franchises of All Time

Anyone who is a die-hard fan of PlayStation 2 is already aware that this console ushered in some of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in terms of graphics, gameplay and the overall user experience. The PS2 is likewise associated with a handful of well-known gaming franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and the Wolfenstein series. However, there are indeed other games which truly redefined the industry at the time. There is perhaps no better example than Devil May Cry. What are some of the attributes which served to define this masterpiece and why does it still enjoy such an amazing level of respect in this modern era?

Intense Foes and Immersive Environments

One defining feature which is often cited by industry experts is the environments and levels themselves. While the notion of three-dimensional gameplay was certainly nothing new at the time, the Devil May Cry series imbued a sense of realism into these atmospheres that was incredibly ahead of its time. It was also one of the first to employ peripheral shadows in order to enhance the intensity of the user experience.

Furthermore, the foes themselves were much more than two-dimensional obstacles that could be easily defeated with a few swipes of a sword. The majority contained backstories; providing them with a unique sense of depth. They were also quite challenging and a handful would even crop up within later levels; often at the surprise of the player. When these traits were combined with intense cut scenes, the Devil May Cry series appeared more like a film or a graphic novel than a simple video game.

Character Development

The Internet offers up a host of ways to compare and contrast different platforms. For example, this site analyses the features associated with the top online casinos while others such as Steam base their reviews off of player feedback. Still, there is no doubt that any comparison-based website would list Devil May Cry at or near the top of their list in regards to first-person RPGs released in the early 2000s. This is due in large part to the amount of character development within the plot itself. In this sense, we are referring to much more than the storyline alone.

Devil May Cry adopted a rather unique feature for its time. It allowed players to gain experience points which could then be used to cast a series of increasingly powerful (and damaging) spells when fighting an opponent. This was particularly useful during boss matches, as some of the more challenging creatures could hardly be vanquished otherwise. The ability to develop the fighting skills of the protagonist to this extent motivated players to continue foraging for clues; perhaps enabling them to unlock an even more powerful secret.

All of these traits allowed this franchise to become a true icon within the RPG gaming industry. Although graphics have progressed and AI is now present within many platforms, the fact of the matter is that these innovations are due in large part to the advancements associated with Devil May Cry.