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How to Come Back to League of Legends After a Long Break

BY NADINE AINSWORTH: League of Legends is undoubtedly one of the most beloved multiplayer games in the world. Every day, millions of people spend hours playing it, which means they’re getting better and better and expanding added experience. What about yourself? Let’s guess: you played the last time a few months (or maybe even YEARS) ago, had to stop because of school or other responsibilities but still dream about a big comeback. What did you miss throughout that period? Adventures, bigger or smaller updates, and hours of experience. Here we will present you a few thoughts to get into the play again and appreciate it even more than before. Let’s start.

Watchful practice or change of thinking?

When you remember being a pro, the new ranks will probably surprise you. Your reflexes aren’t the same. You’ re rusty and frustrated, which generates more violence and will to come back to the form you used to have. In such situation, you have two options: either you accept the change in your skills and play with your current level, forgetting your previous successes, or you will practice. It’s a good time to play a lot of 1VS1. You see, when you spend time with your friends that play as well, you’re having a great time and you get back in shape. There’s no need to be stressed that something isn’t going as you wish.

Cheating but not really — how to pass the level you’re not able to?

As you go up the levels, you might find yourself in a position there’s not enough experience in your part to pass it. What to do in such case? You can use your previous experience to your advantage and start smurfing — to do that buy LoL smurfs. While some argue that not fair, it’s not forbidden. How it works? You start from the beginning — which, of course, can sound discouraging, but look at this in another way. By starting under your actual abilities, you can gain the experience faster, and remind yourself how to play like the real pro.

New account or old — should you buy an LoL account?

Sticking with an old account when you feel like can’t resuscitate it is kind of useless. You won’t get any pleasure out of it. That’s not what gaming is about. If you’re not ready to start fresh, you can buy an account which has experience. This means fun without starting from scratch. Of course, the cheaper is the account, the lower level it has. You can choose how much you want to spend and how much it’s worth it. After all, it’s your time to shine.

Whatever you choose, remember that your main goal is to have fun. Going an extra mile to preserve your previous success can be too frustrating to continue. After a long break, the level is not important. It’s the joy you’re going to have. The feeling of winning your first match after a while. If you’d rather skip a few steps and get the higher level — go for it. Just don’t spend too much money on online gaming.

Good luck!