Why I Still Can’t Get Enough of GTA Online Casinos

I’ve written about the GTA Online casinos before but even now, nearly 6 months later, I’m still loving my time with Rockstar’s creation.

I’m known as Grown Gaming’s gambler when I’m not busy being an adult gamer (or, y’know, working and stuff).  When I’m not searching for the top online casino sites to burn my cash, I’m frequenting a variety of casinos in video games and having a blast.

Do I have a problem?  Yes – with winning!  Well, sometimes…

I didn’t think I’d like the casino update in GTA Online.  I was sure that Rockstar would ruin it with too many microtransactions and an overly desperate flailing at an express purchase option for Shark Cards.  Sure, you can spend a ton of real money in GTA Online’s casinos, but you don’t need to.  You can have fun even if you aren’t rich, in-game or in real life.

I was relieved when I found that Rockstar have not only not ruined the casinos, but they’ve delivered what can only be described as an excellent experience.

Like many players, I’ve been asking for the casino to open since I saw it in-game with that “opening soon” banner promising that fun times were ahead.  Given that was in 2013, I didn’t hold out too much hope for it ever happening.

Fast forward to 2019 and it was worth the wait – so much so that I’m still enjoying it in 2020.

Sure, we didn’t get Texas Hold ‘Em, but the games we did get are great and can all be played with other players adding a social experience in sessions. I’ve tried to convince my colleagues/victims here at Grown Gaming to play with me but, well, they’re scared to lose.  Heh.

You can actually make money from the casino, which I thought would have caps and limits, but Rockstar have let players win obscene amounts of cash, including multi-million dollar jackpots.  Cah-ching!

For those worried about gambling, there are protection systems in place, such as a 50k chip purchase limit every 48 minutes.  It helps, but I’ve been prone to dropping a bit too much on Shark Cards, but heck, that’s what I choose to spend my money on.  Who needs food, right?

In addition to the casino itself, the casino comes with amazing penthouses, which are the best pieces of real estate that we’ve ever had access to.  Forget yachts!  These are cheaper and much, much nicer.  It’s also cool that the parking garage inside the casino is shared, so you can do car meets in the safety of the casino – no more trolls destroying the fun.

It is clear that Rockstar really put a lot of thought into this update and really listened to their fan base following previous updates.  Those previous updates are a different story but, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a roulette table with my name on it…

Written by Dorothy Jones