Buying League of Legends Accounts: 5 Reasons Why To

League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online games in the world.

Riot Games developed League of Legends back in 2009, and they designed it to be simple to join in. All you need to do is set up an account – for free – and you can start playing with friends or with other players all over the world.

If you’ve been playing League of Legends for a while, or are just starting out, you might have heard about the idea of “buying” a League of Legends account. It’s not a necessity, as we said; registering for an account is free. However, you might have heard it as a “tip” something that is supposed to make your game better. So what exactly does it mean to “buy” a Legends account?

Why should you buy a League of Legends account?

Given as League of Legends is a free game, and you can make an account of your own without spending for it, you might be wondering why buy league accounts?

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Here are a few major reasons why people decide that they want to buy League of Legends account.

  1. Buying an account allows you to level up faster.

The major reason given by some experienced League of Legends player league of legends accounts for sale and buying some would be that it saves time.

It is quicker to buy a league account than it is to level up your account naturally.

Think about it, you need around to earn 20,042 XP to level up to level 30. Each League of Legend match earns you about 90 XP, so you are going to need about 90 hours of gameplay to reach level 30. So, as you can see, it’s much less time consuming to just buy a level 30 league account.

By buying a high-level league account, you cut the time you spend trying to level up and can spend this time focusing on winning ranked games.

  1. For more BE and RP

When you buy league accounts, you are not just getting that accounts experience, but also it’s RP and BE.

Using BE, you can by legendary champions, which cost around 6,300 BE. Every league account has about 20,000 BE, so by buying a League account you are also purchasing the ability to gain three legendary champions.

So, if you buy a League of Legends account, you will be able to quickly and easily change the role you have in the game and buy champions that will match your new role. This saves you time which you can then use to focus on playing the game with your new role.

  1. Switching regions becomes easy

If you buy a league account, you will be able to easily switch your region.

For example, EUW is one of the most competitive regions, mostly in terms of skill level. Many people from other regions thus want to compete with players from that region in order to test and improve their skills.

If you are based in Europe and are playing on the EU west servers, however, there are some regions that you won’t be able to play in unless you buy a sever transfer.

Server transfers can be bought on the Riot Store with RP. However, this will require you to have 2600 RP and once you have made the switch, you will need to buy yet another server transfer to switch again. One way to get around this it to buy LOL smurf account. You just need to make sure that the smurf account is active in the server you want and you can start playing in the region as soon as the account purchase is finished.

  1. You can start playing with lower-ranked friends

League of Legend accounts for sale are unranked. So, if you want to play games with friends who have just started and as such are of lower ranks, you can do so by buying a Legends account.

While you can play with beginners using an “old” account that you’ve leveled up over time, it might not be a good experience for your friends. Because of the level you are in, you and your friends will probably be put into high-risk game scenarios which could be very difficult and discouraging for your newbie friends.

Buying a new League account will thus allow you to play with friends and family who are at a lower skill level that they are more comfortable with. It will allow themselves to gain confidence and skills and you to coach them to gain higher levels themselves.

  1. You were banned

If, for some reason, your League of Legends account was banned buying a League account can get you playing again.

While your original account may be reactivated by Riot eventually, it might take some time. Also, getting banned means that you will start from scratch if your account is reactivated. So you will have lost your previous rank.

Having to rebuild and level up from scratch can be a truly time consuming and frustrating experience. It could take you months! It is not the only way to regain your previous League of Legends rank, however, as you can always buy a League account that is the same or close to the rank that you had before you were banned.

By buying a League of Legends account after you’ve been banned, you can start playing again as soon as the purchase goes through. You can thus achieve your preferred level quicker.

So there you have it, five major reasons why people are willing to spend to buy League of Legends account. It all comes down to convenience when you think about it. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is to buy from sellers that are reputable and can guarantee that your purchases are safe. If Riot Games believes or learns that you are using an account that you bought, that is a grounds for getting banned.