Five Tips To Build Your Gaming Setup

If you’re a serious gamer who plays games for hours a day, you probably take some pride in your gaming setup. Whether you’re thinking about buying a new PC, or are setting up a new gaming area, then use these tips to create the ultimate rig. 

An amazing green PC gaming set up.

  1. Start with a good chair. Most guides will tell that a good gaming setup starts with a good PC. It’s true that having a good PC for gaming is key to a good gaming experience, but you if don’t have the right chair, then you might experience back pain. If you’re a serious gamer, then you’ll be spending a lot of time in your chair, so invest in a good quality one for your own comfort and health. 
  2. Choose the right PC. A top-of-the-line PC is going to give you better performance than a console. When you’re choosing a new PC, make sure you choose one that has a processor that is capable of handling high-end games. A gaming PC should have a dedicated graphics card. The card is designed to deliver a smoother frame rate and less graphical lag. Since your PC will have a powerful processor, you should buy one with a cooling system. Decide if you want a traditional heatsink or cooling fan set up if you will need a liquid a cooling system. 
  3. Choose the right monitor. A monitor that you are using for gaming should prioritize different things than one you would buy for more general use. It should have fast refresh rates, improved response times, and improved color accuracy. With a better refresh rate, you’ll get a smoother image. You will also need to choose between panel technologies, including TN, IPS, and VA. If you’re looking at a screen all day, make sure you look after your eyes, by using the right lighting and wearing glasses if you need them (order glasses for gaming with free shipping online). 
  4. Use a projector for gaming. If you’re going to use a projector to game, you will need one that has a lumen count that is appropriate for your setup. You want one that has a low response time and that offers an image resolution that is suitable for what you need. If you play in a dark room without a lot of ambient light, then you might be able to get away with a projector that has as little as 1500 lm. If you play in a brighter room with lots of ambient light, then you might need a projector that has 3000 lm or more. If you’re going to buy a gaming projector that will also double up as part of a home theatre setup, you’ll be one with superior quality. 
  5. Find the right desk. A gaming desk is the center of your gaming setup. Having the right desk will make the difference between winning your game at the last second or losing it. When buying a desk, you need to factor in the price you can afford, and the size of desk that you need. You need the desk to fit into the room you play in. This sounds simple, but a lot of people forget to think about it.