Biomutant Still Doesn’t Have A New Release Date

We’re really excited for Biomutant, having listed all of the reasons we’re pumped to make racoons kung-fu fight on our screens.

Back when it was announced in 2017 it was supposed to release in 2019 – December 2019 to be exact. It’s now 2020 and, hey, no Biomutant.  Developer Experiment 101 has been radio silent since the expected release date came and went.

Fortunately, Experiment 101 have finally provided an update.  Unfortunately, they haven’t given any confirmed release date – not even a target.  Here is the full announcement, via their official Twitter account:

On the plus side, at least Biomutant hasn’t been cancelled.  We hope that it will be released later this year.  It would be interesting if it was to be picked up as a PS5 or Xbox Series X exclusive, but that is pure speculation on our part.