Bowser with a mobile phone gaming.

Tired of MMOs? These Are The Best Games to Play Over Zoom

In this day and age of social distancing, finding ways to stay connected can be a challenge. One work-around to this is playing our self-isolation game recommendations, such as Raft and Sea of Thieves, as they can help you pass the time with family and friends. Another great solution is to leverage remote conferencing channels, of which Zoom is considered among the best. That’s because it offers a combination of exceptional quality and ease of use. It has even become a go-to app for virtual happy hours, as it can be used as a platform to promote team building among remote teams or help you catch up with family and friends. All you need is some creativity and willingness to try something new. With that in mind, here are some games that promise hours of competition and fun:

Heads Up!

If you’re looking for a charades-like game with more urgency, Heads Up! is the game for you. To start with, each player needs to download the Heads Up! app on their mobile phone. There are various categories to choose from, including film, celebrities, and general knowledge. Each player takes turns holding the phone to their forehead, while their teammates give clues to the word based on the answer on their screen. The winner is the person who manages to guess the most number of words correctly while they’re holding the phone to their forehead. Make sure to turn off your own reflected video display when it’s your turn to guess!



An easy game that’s fun to play for all ages, bingo is an excellent option for a game night. For those who are new to the game, a comprehensive guide to this popular pastime by Gala Bingo explains how every game has a designated person calling out numbers. The aim of the game is to mark off the called numbers on any line of the bingo ticket, shouting “Bingo!” when you’ve completed the board. To play it over Zoom, print out unique bingo cards per person, and have one non-player generate random numbers to call out. Coming up with a prize or reward for the winner will keep everyone on their toes!



This old-school classic can be enjoyed on video calls, and you can get as creative as you want. The good news is that you don’t need to download an external version of the app, and it’s suited for anyone who’s got decent drawing skills. To start your game of Pictionary, all you need to get are some drawing prompts. While Zoom has a drawing function built-in and a screen share function, you can also use an old-fashioned pencil and paper and hold your masterpiece up to the camera. All you need to do is guess the person, place, or thing conveyed in the image.



If you’re in the mood for a mental challenge, a weekly or monthly trivia quiz is a great option for a virtual tournament. Each person can take turns being the quizmaster, and using Zoom’s screen share feature, you can create a presentation or go on Aha Slides to customise your own quiz. The possibilities are endless when it comes to trivia, and you can show off your knowledge when it comes to pop culture, science, or even figuring out who knows the quiz participants the best. Don’t be afraid to get inspiration from Trivial Pursuit questions or a quick Google search to make it extra challenging.


While this list of games can help you get started, there are so many other options you can explore. Thinking about your favourites and figuring out how you can translate them online can help you generate new ideas with dynamic twists.