Bowser gaming with his kid, bonding with his child as a parent gamer.

Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Video games are always overlooked and seen to be time-wasting for some people. But do you know that video games have numerous benefits to both kids and adults? Of course you do – you’re adult gamers!

The benefits range from proper brain stimulation, stress relief to the development of problem-solving skills. Video games are a source of entertainment for both adults and kids. These video games can be played on a mobile device or computer. They are convenient as you can play them anytime, anywhere.

Bowser with a mobile phone gaming.

Below are some of the proven benefits of playing video games.

Increases brain’s gray matter and promotes mental health

Gray matter is part of the brain that is associated with control of muscles, memory preservation, perception, and spatial navigation. Video gaming is not the only source of entertainment but also brain workout exercise. Regularly playing video games increases your gray matter in the brain, hence boosting brain connectivity. Video games also boost mood and improve heart rhythms, thus relieving stress.

Better social skills

The mindset that shy people use video games as an escape from others does not apply to video gamer. Most of these video games involve two or more players playing together. The multiplayer option in video games will enable children, especially to develop excellent social skills and improve their academic performance.

Bowser giving his kid a high five.

They also will build better relationships with others because of the social and collaborative aspects of some types of video games.

Development of problem-solving skills

Games with features such as open-world, mission-based, and multi-level take a lot of time to solve. Usually, the solutions to these games vary according to your actions when playing.

Bowser watching his kid gaming wondering if his kid should be allowed to play video games.

Learning to think on your own and developing winning strategies as quickly as possible in the fantasy environment is a skill that can be used in the real world. Children playing such games always have improved problem-solving skills, which translates to better performance in school.

Improve vision

Provided that you do not stare at the screen for long hours, video games improve vision. The improved spatial resolution is due to every detail of the object you can see when playing. When playing video games, you are training your eyes to see every detail, since they contribute to your winning of the game. Your coordination is also enhanced, as you are required to control all of your involved body parts when playing.


Most video games inspire players to be more persistent for them to win. A skill that is useful in real life as life is full of challenges. It is also a fun way of tricking children into learning. This is because most of the video games nowadays incorporate skills ranging from world history, cooking, architecture, politics to chemistry. Enhanced decision making gained through video games is critical in life.