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Beginner’s Guide for Live Streaming Video Games

The gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and today it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Thus it is no surprise that live streaming video games has become a feasible earning option and an opportunity for a lot of streamers across the globe.  Imagine playing your favorite games and boosting your online savings account while earning money playing it – sounds crazy, right? But that’s exactly the platform that the popular streaming platforms provide to the streamers and content creators globally.

If this sounds like a good hobby or earning opportunity to you then you can also start playing and streaming your favorite games.

However, before you begin with the streaming it is important to understand the different aspects associated with game streaming and some of the requirements to be a successful streamer.

A vital guide for the live streaming of video games

The gaming is one of the most popular industries which has opened a ton of avenues and opportunities for different professionals and people associated with the industry. The live streaming is one of the by-products of the success of the gaming industry.

If you want to start streaming video games here are some of the requirements and things that you must consider.

A good PC configuration is vital for an efficient streaming gig. You should have a good processor, preferably a recent one, along with sufficient RAM memory and good graphic processing unit in your PC. You can also stream games on different consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox.

A 3 screen gaming PC set up in purple.

Besides having a good PC configuration you also need an efficient webcam and the microphone. You will also need a third-party app such as streamlabs OBS or OBS studio that transfers the data to the streaming platform.

Another app called Restream studio enables you to stream the chatting sessions to the viewers right from the browser. So you don’t have to worry about the numerous windows or tabs when you want to take a break from streaming and just do chatting.

Another important consideration when you want to start streaming is having a good, stable internet connection. A fiber Ethernet connection is recommended over the wireless connection since wireless tends to be less reliable. When you are streaming games the upload speed is important since that determines the amount of information that can be potentially streamed every second. It is advisable to have a minimum upload speed of approximately 5mbps for your live streams to have decent quality.

Beyond this, you should consider investing in lighting and special effects such as custom overlays or green screen. The surrounding aesthetics also play a crucial role when you are streaming games to a wide audience. People want to see an attractive surrounding and not some dull or broken surroundings which can be potentially a turn off for some.

Choosing a streaming platform

This is another vital consideration when you are starting your streaming journey. It is very important that you choose the right streaming platform that will amplify your streams and bring the necessary traffic or views that you need. Some of the common gaming stream platforms include Twitch, and YouTube. You may also buy Youtube views, so you can start monetizing your channel.

An open laptop with Twitch on the screen, displaying a selection of video games.

Twitch is the biggest and most popular gaming streaming platform on the internet right now. You get multiple functionalities and features on Twitch and this includes chatbots, user-friendly interface, clear partner program and you have a potential of getting thousands of viewers.

However a word of caution here.

You can find trolls and abusers on this platform occasionally. You must be strong enough to either ignore them or you can choose to block them permanently. If you are not comfortable on Twitch or prefer other platforms then you have got multiple options to choose from as we’ve mentioned above.

When you are starting streaming there are certain aspects that you need to keep in mind. Pick your platform and game carefully. It is advisable that you must go with the streaming of a popular as that will likely attract more viewers.

Communication and interaction with your viewers are also important if you want to build a successful channel. You must also value your every subscriber since they are the source of your income for streaming.