Categories of Arkadium Games that are Suitable for Adult Gamers

Arkadium is one of the best websites for free online gaming without downloading. Their games are fun and suitable for all ages.

In that case, we have reviewed the best categories of Arkadium free online games that are ideal for adult gamers.


Mahjong Solitaire

If you love mahjong and solitaire games, then this game is perfect as it combines both games. The mission is to match pairs of free identical tiles (not covered by other tiles) until you clear the board before time elapses.

The trick to winning the game is identifying pairs of identical tiles that will uncover the most tiles when cleared. You can start by removing the top tiles and those in the corners. But if you’re stuck, hit the “hint” button for help. Matching season tiles or colored flower tiles earns you the most points.

Mahjong Remix

Have you mastered the mahjong game and are looking for a twist? Here is your chance. The objective is to match identical tiles that are free and clear the board. However, the identical tiles must be connected by three lines or fewer, and it’s a race against time.

All Classic Mahjong rules apply except the three lines or fewer connection rules. If the connection exceeds three lines, it’s not a match.


Arkadium’s Texas Hold’em: Tournament

The goal is to outsmart opponents, accumulate the most chips, and be the last player standing. Start by offering the minimum bet to play a hand and “call” the highest bet from any other player.

If you’re experienced, you can raise the bet or bet all your chips. Remember, this is a high-risk move, as you could lose everything. You are also allowed to fold and play in the following round.


Stock Car Hero

The goal is to finish the race before other drivers while using the arrow keys to keep your car within the racetrack. Collect as many coins as you can, which can be used to upgrade your car. The Golden Arrow is a speed booster.


Stan Newman’s Hard Crossword

Are you ready to stretch your brain to see how good you are with words? The goal is to use the clues to fill the grid. But it won’t be easy. As the name suggests, this one is hard. But when stuck, hit the “Reveal button” to see letters, words, or the entire puzzle.

The Daily Sudoku

The rules are similar to those of regular sudoku. You need to fill a 9×9 grid with numbers 1-9 so each row, column, and 3×3 region has no repeated numbers

The trick is using logic and not guessing to identify missing numbers. Use the elimination method. There’s a new puzzle every day, with Mondays being the easiest and Sundays the hardest.

Brain Games

Family Feud

If you love the Family Feud television show, play this teaser for free online to test your smartness. The mission is to answer the questions correctly before time runs out.

The game begins with three rounds of questions. You can give as many answers as you want before time runs out. Every question has multiple answers, so give the top most answers to earn the most points. If you beat the 3 rounds, you move to the fast-money round. This round has 5 questions, but only one answer per question is acceptable.

8 Ball Pool Together

How good are you at playing pool table? Test your skills against a friend or computer opponent. The objective is to pocket colored balls of your type (striped or solid) as you prevent your opponent from pocketing his and avoid fouls.

Use the mouse to aim the ball you want to hit. Hold and drag, then release the cue to hit the ball. After pocketing the 7 balls, pocket the 8th ball to win. Remember, pocketing the 8th ball before pocketing all the other 7 is a foul.


Spider Solitaire

In this card game, you need to arrange a deck of 104 cards into eight piles, sorted by suit and in descending order from king to ace, to remove them from the game. You must complete all eight piles to win, using as few moves as possible because you are on a timer.

But don’t worry if you are a beginner. You can choose your preferred difficulty level and how many suits you want to play with; you can play with four, two, or one suit.


Arkadium has some of the best games for all ages. Most of these games are mind stimulating games and are completely free. Head to Arkadium and select the adult game that will suit your needs.