Apex Legends: Tips On Supplies, Gear and Combat

It is not possible to become an Apex Legends’ champion without great combat skills, excellent supplies, and, of course, a bit of luck. Players have to be prepared for an intense and complicated battle in every match.

It may seem hard to win but with our useful tips, you will have a better chance of survival!  If you’re new to Apex Legends, definitely check out our tips, below:

Apex Legends Tips on Supplies and Gear

Here is what you need to know:

  1. Supplies can be often found between building, you can find more (and sometimes more quality) loot in areas with many buildings.
  2. Every newly picked weapon comes with full ammo.
  3. Different types of ammunition have a distinctive color – you can check what kind your weapon uses in the right corner of the screen. Learn more at Apex Legends Weapons Wiki
  4. Players have to learn to be fast when looting to survive.
  5. Supplies like helmets and shields that you pick up are always at their maximum indicator, even if you take it from a dead opponent.
  6. If you find a weapon’s attachments, they will be automatically applied to the suitable gun.
  7. When there is a red line crossing some supplies and gear that you’ve picked, it means that you currently have no weapons to which it suits. In this case, you can (and probably should) drop it.
  8. Boxes with killed opponent’s gear are marked by color depending on the quality of gear inside.
  9. You should not miss a purple and gold gear, which is of the highest quality.

Apex Legends Tips For Combat

  1. Never neglect using your character’s abilities – each of them is in the game for a reason!
  2. The fast movement of players in the game makes it difficult to make headshots. Thus, instead of aiming for heads, we recommend aiming in the opponent’s upper body or chest – this way you’ll have more chances to hit the enemy, rather than aimlessly spraying, hoping for a headshot.
  3. The damage you bring is always colored depending on the quality.  This helps you track how soon you can take down your opponent.
  4. Slide-jumping is an excellent skill to have in a fight – with it, you become much faster and harder to shoot.
  5. When you break an opponent’s shield, you can hear a shattering sound.
  6. If all members of one squad are knocked, the whole team is killed.  Do all you can to stop this from happening.
  7. Knocked players can self-revive or be revived by one of their allies, unless they are the last member of their squad still standing.
  8. It is not worth going after a knocked opponent to finish him if other members of his team are still alive.
  9. Plan use of grenades in advance because they are quite tricky in use.
  10. It is all about playing as a team! This is probably one of the best advice we could give you. Don’t be a lone wolf, because teamwork can get you a win! Thus, stick together and communicate with the special ping system if you’re not using a microphone.

Do you have any Apex Legends tips to share?  Leave a comment below!