5 Best AWP Skins for CSGO in 2021

Who doesn’t likes AWP? If you are looking for one shot one kill then this AWP beast is the weapon of your choice. Once you pull the trigger the enemy won’t even get a second to notice the incoming bullet. He won’t see that coming. Having an AWP is awesome but having an AWP with a rare skin is double awesome. Here let me show you some of the best valuable skins in CSGO for AWP in 2021.

How to get these Skins?

There are many ways to get this skin, you can earn it from the game, you can buy them, borrow from a friend. But the ultimate way is to gamble and win. Whenever a CSGO international match is happening then there will be a lot of gambling taking place in many CSGO gambling sites. You can participate in any one of the gambling sites and bet on the match where these skins are placed as a bet. If you win you get them without much effort. But you need an active stream account to participate in the betting.

Best AWP Skins for CSGO

Dragon Lore

I bet you already know about the most expensive skin of the game “Dragon Lore”. If you have dragon lore in your inventory people bow to you in respect and you are a Pro to them. Yeah. It’s that rare buddy. There is little to no way you can get that skin without spending too much. But one way to get the dragon lore is to win in a gamble. Still, it’s a pretty low chance to get it. That’s why it’s so much worth it.

If you really need to get the dragon lore skin then you should definitely have the luck or you can buy it which might cause you more than $3k if you could find a seller who could sell you the skin.

The Prince

The prince is a very good-looking rare skin that came out with the canals collection in the year 2019. The highlight of this skin lies in the engravings that hold. The grip of the weapon has a nice engraving that will make anyone look twice. It is really rare skin and if you have a factory new prince skin then you can sell it for more than $2500 and that is one of the highest bids for this skin. You can also get them on any CSGO gambling site. There are a lot of genuine ones out there.

And yes, this skin has a phrase that is written on the side of the gun. The phrase is – Peace be to you, Mark, My evangelist. Cool right?


This is one of the new skins in the market. It is added to the collection just a few months before. This skin doesn’t have any engravings on it. The design is very minimal. The color gradient moves from pink to gold color and it looks awesome in the sunshine. This skin is new but also the supply is very low.

But the price is comparatively low because most of the Fade skins that are in the market are relatively new and completely factory new skin with no wear and tear. My personal choice among all these skins will definitely be this Fade skin. Also if you get a chance to get hold of it then you can buy and store it in the inventory. The supply of this skin might or might not increase. If it does not increase it might become a rare skin and you can sell it for a much higher price. You can also gamble it for the much rarer items.


If you are a guy who wants to show the power of fire to your opponent and make them understand that you are an aggressive player then you should really get this wildfire skin. This wildfire skin was first introduced along with the 20th year anniversary skin collection. This skin is very beautiful with the best finish. But these skins are supplied a lot and many players do have this.

But still, if you need to show your aggressiveness to the enemy in every way, I highly recommend this skin. Fire always represents aggressiveness. Also, this skin is easy to buy and easy to collect so if your team name begins or contains fire then all the team members can buy this skin and use it as a team skin too. 

This skin will cost you around $30 bucks in the Dmarket. This skin might be available in abundance now but sooner due to the increase in popularity, it may become a rare one. So buy one and store it in the inventory.

Lightning Strike

Just like the wildfire, the lightning strike is also a rare skin for which many gamers are waiting to get one. This skin has a simple minimal design but with a powerful theme. If you have wildfire skin then you can also collect this lightning strike skin. If you are with a friend’s team then you can get the lightning strike and your friend can get the wildfire theme and it will be just given a nature theme to your team.

Written by Dorothy Jones