The Nintendo Switch console promotional image.

Will The Nintendo Switch Have VR?

In an interview with Bloomberg, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima dropped potential bombshells on the future of the Nintendo Switch, including VR.

Nintendo has previously confirmed their interest in virtual reality – after all, they are no strangers to innovation. But, VR on the Nintendo Switch?

In the interview with Bloomberg, Kimishima hinted that Nintendo would be involved with VR in the future, stating that “the opportunity is available” for Nintendo to pursue VR games, and “it may be that we will build VR software titles.”

Does that mean the Nintendo Switch will have VR? Is the console even powerful enough to support VR?

It’s safe to say that if there is a company who could make the most of VR, it would be Nintendo. Their history of innovation remains unsurpassed in the video game industry. Also, if anyone could make VR fully functional with an underpowered console, it would be Nintendo.

Nintendo will likely elaborate on its plans for the Nintendo switch, including virtual reality, during the Nintendo Switch special event on 12th January 2017.

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Written by John

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