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Valve Artist Unveils Artwork For Cancelled Game

Artwork suggests that Valve may have been working on a four-player fantasy game.

Drew Wolf is an “experienced independent artist/designer”who has been employed by Valve since 2009.  Wolf’s online portfolio features artwork produced for Dota 2 and The Lab, plus other Valve projects.  Interestingly, it also has a gallery of new images which suggest that Valve could have been working on an unnamed four-player fantasy adventure title, “centered around cooperative combat and driven by story.”

Imaginatively titled ‘Untitled Fantasy Game’, Wolf’s gallery showcases a selection of “loose sketches” said to be part of an internal R&D project.

“The goal was to present as many groups of four adventures as possible in order to establish a diverse cast of archetypal characters,” says Wolf. “After discussion and feedback the group was paired down to ten characters. They would become the projects main characters.

“During the development I created a mood sketch for each character. They were done in a classic sci-fi/fantasy book cover. Each sketch represents a slice of the world each character came from as well as a hint at who they are and what they do. This collateral art helped convey the direction quickly and facilitate creative discussion for each character.”

Here are a few pictures from the gallery:

Drew’s website states that he’s now independent, however he may still be affiliated with the studio as his LinkedIn page suggests he is still employed by Valve.

You can check out the full gallery on Drew Wolf’s website.