Sonic The Hedgehog running in a fan made game.

The Sonic Game You’ve Been Waiting For

And, no, not Sonic Mania.

The game in question is Sonic Utopia, a fan-made nod to the excellence that Sonic The Hedgehog could regain if Sega could just get it right.

Sonic Utopia is the work of four people, which experiments to expand on the retro Sonic gameplay we all know and love, in an intuitive way…in 3D. And, it’s not terrible, which is a massive bonus.

Sonic Utopia successfully captures the feeling of a Sonic game; the relentless speed, the loops, the wall runs – they’re all here, and then some.

The game really needs to be seen to understand how fantastically it all comes together:

And, if that wasn’t enough, you can try the demo out yourself by clicking here.