The Blind Prophet Demo Goes Live On Kickstarter

Fans of gothic and cyberpunk games will love this

Babtiste Miny’s point-and-click adventure game, The Blind Prophet, is currently on Kickstarter and boy does it look pretty.

Set a visually striking gothic cyberpunk universe, The Blind Prophet tells the story of Bartholomeus, an apostle tasked by God with uncovering a mystery involving the corruption of the Earth by demons.  The story unfolds like a classic graphic novel from the 1990s and is accompanied by gorgeous comic book-style visuals.

99 panels to visit in the slightest details.

Miny is seeking just €10,000 to help bring The Blind Prophet to life, and it’s ultimate stretch goal currently sits at just €60,000.  Given the level of polish being shown even at this stage, it is hard not to imagine this being a game that exceeds its goals.

For more information, to play the demo and to support the project, head over to The Blind Prophet’s Kickstarter page.

Written by John

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