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Steam Gets Caught Out Selling Keys It Doesn’t Have

I love Steam Sales, but I’d be annoyed if I couldn’t play a game I’d just bought because Steam didn’t have enough keys for everyone. And that’s exactly what has happened.

Steam Sales are an excuse for PC gamers the world over to unite and add another stack of games to their Pile of Shame. This sale is no different in that respect, however, this time a select portion of those gamers may not be able to play the game they just bought.

I love the Splinter Cell series and would usually recommend that you throw your money at them, especially when on sale. The combination of action and stealth blend into an espionage-fans dream.

Sadly, on this occasion, I have to ask you not to buy Splinter Cell: Blacklist, my favorite of the series. And, it hurts.

Steam put the Splinter Cell series on sale this weekend, discounting every game to 75% off. The problem is, Steam didn’t have enough game keys to satisfy the demand their rock bottom prices generated. Splinter Cell: Blacklist requires two keys; one for Steam and one for Ubisoft. Steam only had enough of their keys.

Ubisoft requires their key, in part to allow them to track the number of games being sold through online retailers and platforms, such as Steam. Without it, those who purchase through Steam can install the game, but are then greeted with a message saying “Requesting key…” followed immediately by another saying “Failed to connect to server.”  This renders the purchase all but a waste of hard drive space.

This problem has been reported on forums and Reddit since the 28th October, yet the issue persists. Given time, Steam will no doubt honour their side of the agreement and obtain the necessary keys, however, this day and age of instant gratification and instant access, I feel for the gamers who purchased Blacklist hoping to play it immediately.

Oh, Steam, we love you, but…you’re so mean to us sometimes.