The PlayStation 4 Pro console.

Sony Rewards Players With Up To $100 Of Vouchers

Sony is rewarding their users again, with PlayStation Store discount vouchers and even $100 vouchers for some lucky players.

NeoGAF and Reddit are awash with threads full of screenshots and comments from those who have received the vouchers.

20% off PlayStation Store discount vouchers are included in a newsletter announcing the recent Flash Sale; the codes expire on March 31st and cannot be used for pre-orders.

$100 vouchers (known as ‘Golden Tickets’) are much rarer but have been issued to some lucky players.

Sony’s in the giving mood again this weekend as users across the web have reported receiving emails with 20 percent discount vouchers for the PlayStation Store. Some users got even luckier as they reported receiving one of those rare $100 vouchers (also known as the golden tickets).

Unfortunately for UK and European players, this scheme seems to be exclusively for US residents.  Still, it can’t hurt to have a sneaky peek in your spam folder for a little surprise  – you never know!


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