The Sonic Forces logo.

Sonic Forces Is Also A Cool Sidescroller (MUST SEE!)

Sonic Forces was revealed last month as a blisteringly fast Temple Run-style game but it turns out that the upcoming title is also a gorgeous sidescroller.

Sega has released a video showing Sonic blazing through the Green Hill Zone from a side-on perspective.  The familiar perspective is sure to get fans of the original games feeling the nostalgia, while the 3D graphics certainly make Sonic Forces look darn good as the world flies by.

You can watch Sonic speeding through the Sonic Forces Green Hill Zone below:

It is still unknown how much of Sonic Forces will be from a third person perspective and how much will be a sidescroller but it is undeniable that this is one pretty game.

Sonic Forces will be released later this year on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Written by John

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