So, Game Have Set A Price For The Nintendo Switch…

…it’s temporary, but…it’s a lot.

(UPDATE 28/11/2016: We have more information on the price of the Nintendo Switch here. To read about possible VR on the Nintendo Switch, click here.)

You want the Nintendo Switch; I know you do. So do I. So does everyone else.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to give you a little insider information: you can pre-order one from Game today.

Yup. And it will only cost you…wait, what?


Now, before your start raiding your children’s piggy banks (we’ll pretend you have wealthy kids), the good news is £999.99 is just a placeholder amount; when you place your order you are authorising Game to withdraw up to that amount.

My question is: do you really want a video game store to be authorised to charge you up to £999.99 for anything?  What if they decide to charge £100 more than any other store?  Heck, what if Martin Shkreli buys Game between now and then and decides to actually charge £999.99?  IT COULD HAPPEN!

Here is the full explanation for the price on Game’s website:

You can pre-order yours on the Game website. Y’know, if you’re feeling daring.