Skyrim walking through a village.

Skyrim Special Edition 1.3 Patch Released

Bethesda’s latest Skyrim Special Edition update, patch 1.3, has arrived on the PC and will soon be available for console owners. Here’s what the patch does.

Bethesda has confirmed that the 1.3 update improves both the stability and performance of Skyrim Special Edition, while also addressing a problem where players were left unable to log into

The patch additionally fixes an issue where slow time effects weren’t behaving properly, while also providing better support for 144hz displays.

The update was released on the PC today, with the update to follow on consoles in the future.

This update was released widely today on PC following a beta version that launched on Steam in late November.  Bethesda has not confirmed whether there are going to be any fixes or improvements specifically for console bugs and issues.

For full details on the update, visit Bethesda’s website.