The foggy town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Spiritual Successor Returns From The Dead

Centralia, the survival horror game that was being advertised as a Silent Hill spiritual successor has been revived from cancellation.

Centralia is a survival horror video game set in the real-life town of Centralia PA which is commonly known as the inspiration for the movie adaption of the Silent Hill video game series. Centralia is a real-life town that during the years 1963-1990 the population dropped from 1000+ to under 30 and today sits at just a mere 3 people due to an unstoppable coal fire underneath the town.

According to the official facebook page; Centralia was pitched as a Silent Hill title in 2016 but was turned down because Konami did not want to outsource the franchise anymore. The game was rebranded as Centralia and retains many Silent Hill vibes, designs and inspirations.

The company has not announced any details yet aside from that the game has been restored under a new publishing label. This was announced via the developer page. It was announced a few months back in a now deleted post that they were working with Atari, so this could possibly be the new publisher for Centralia.

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Written by Cameron Rogers

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