Shenmue 3 DLC Activities Revealed by Trophies

Shenmue 3 released today, though you wouldn’t know it from the lack of reviews (no doubt due to that pesky review embargo being changed at the last minute).  We’ve shared our concerns about Shenmue 3, but while we don’t know what the critic’s review scores will be, one thing is certain: Shenmue 3 will be receiving DLC.  We just don’t know what exactly that DLC will bring to justify the season pass.

As reported by Siliconera, Shenmue 3’s trophy list gives a good indication of what those DLC activities may include.  The list is broken down into Story Quest Pack, Big Merry Cruise Pack and Battle Rally Pack, suggesting that one DLC will further develop the story while the other two may simply add additional side questions and activities.

We’re about to go into spoiler territory!  Here’s the full list of trophies for Shenmue 3 DLC:

Story Quest Pack DLC

  • Bronze: Long Time No See: Completed “A Reunion with Zhang Shuqin.”
  • Bronze: Where Did Zhang Go?: Completed “Zhang’s Disappearance.”
  • Bronze: Another One Bites the Dust: Completed “The Blue Spiders’ Poison.”
  • Silver: We’ll Meet Again: Completed “Saving Mr. Zhang.”
  • Bronze: Chawan Sign Pilgrimage: Signed Chawan Sign Paper at all locations.
  • Bronze: Three Years on a Stone: Spent over 100 hours waiting for Chawan Signs.
  • Bronze: Rice Cake from the Shelf: Acquired Snake Power with Chawan Sign.
  • Bronze: Watch What You Eat: Acquired Raw Oyster with Chawan Sign.
  • Bronze: Delicious Shaomai: Acquired Crab Shaomai with Chawan Sign.
  • Bronze: You’re Not Going to Eat It?: Acquired Peking Duck with Chawan Sign.
  • Bronze: No Can Opener!: Acquired Canned Corn with Chawan Sign.
  • Bronze: Where Is the Demand?: Acquired Monk Maniac with Chawan Sign.

Big Merry Cruise Pack DLC

  • Bronze: Completed Flower, Bird, Wind, & Moon (for applicable challenge mission)
  • Bronze: Completed Roll It on Top (for applicable challenge mission)
  • Bronze: Completed Lucky Hit (for applicable challenge mission)
  • Bronze: Completed Frog Race (for applicable challenge mission)
  • Bronze: Completed Turtle Race (for applicable challenge mission)
  • Bronze: Save the Brats!: Rescued the lost kids.
  • Bronze: For My Big Brother: Gave a super rare figurine of “Star Girl” to Shi Baolin.
  • Gold: Fancy Martial Artist: Acquired all available clothing in the Sailing Venture.

Battle Rally Pack DLC

  • Bronze: Super Sprinter: Won first place in a Short Course.
  • Bronze: Marvel in the Middle: Won first place in a Middle Course.
  • Bronze: Long-lasting Legend: Won first place in a Long Course.
  • Silver: King of Battle Rally: Won first place in all courses.
  • Bronze: Bailu Chan Hunter: Found 80 Bailu Chan.
  • Bronze: Bailu Chan Maniac: Found 100 Bailu Chan.
  • Gold: Bailu Chan Master: Found 120 Bailu Chan.

Some of the trophies are more self-explanatory than others.  Rescuing lost kids makes sense, though I hope we won’t really be waiting over 100 hours for Chawan Signs.

Thanks, Siliconera.