A spaceship being shot by 3 other spaceships.

Shortest Trip To Earth Enters Early Access

Featuring a harsh, unforgiving galaxy and tactical ship battles to break your heart

Shortest Trip to Earth received critical acclaim at the recent Gamescom 2018 show for its similarities to FTL and unforgiving difficulty.  The single-player title places players into a procedurally generated galaxy in the midst of an intergalactic war.  Expect danger, secrets and backstabbing galore.

While exploring, players will meet strange life forms and exotic planets and will have the option to upgrade their ships and crew to make suit their own tactical play-style.

Combat takes place in real time and permadeath ups the ante, guaranteeing heartbreak along the way.

Here are Shortest Trip To Earth’s Early Access key features, straight from the developers:

  • Master the art of survival in unexplored space
  • Traverse a procedurally generated universe full of intrigue
  • Ship customization & crew management
  • Epic real-time tactical space battles
  • Onboard combat, featuring hostile intruders, drones and battle-hardened pets
  • Hundreds of random events with unique outcomes
  • Uncover fascinating and exotic stories from across the universe

If you’re a fan of FTL who loves a challenge and is looking for a new roguelike space exploration game to master, Shortest Trip To Earth could be the game for you.

Check out the trailer below:

Shortest Trip To Earth is available on Steam Early Access now.