The PlayStation 4 Pro console.

PS4 Pro Suffering Huge TV Connection Failures

So, you have a huge 4K HDR TV. You just bought a PS4 Pro. You just turned it on to bask in that 4K HDR glory and…wait, why is the screen blank?  You’re not alone.

Reddit, social media, and gaming forums are overflowing with reports that people cannot get their brand new PS4 Pros to work with their TVs.

The thing is, we’re not talking about budget brand TV’s here (if there is such a thing in the 4K HDR world), but big brands, including LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips and Vizio.  Other owners are reporting the PS4 Pro is incorrectly recognizing their TV as being incapable of handling 4K in HDR, so they’re stuck with a 2K HDR signal.

PS4 Pro owners who call their TV manufacturers to complain will be told it’s Sony’s fault. PS4 Pro owners who call Sony will be told it’s an error with their TV. It’s a vicious cycle.

Forbes has reached out to TV manufacturers and Sony for comment, but don’t seem to have got anywhere. Sony will no doubt release a fix, but we are unlikely to see this released over the next 48 hours.

Fortunately, Forbes has suggested 8 things to try to resolve the TV issues faced by PS4 Pro users. My cousin had issues and Step 6 solved it for him, so it is well worth giving trying the 8 steps before calling either Sony or your TV manufacturer.

I couldn’t imagine anything worse than having purchased a 4K HDR TV and PS4 Pro for the combined total of £1,500+ and not being able to play it.

If you’re experiencing this issue, then I feel for you.

Written by John

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