PlayStation VR headset on a white background.

PlayStation VR Coming To An Arcade Near You

Well, maybe not near YOU, but it’s still coming.

Virtual reality hasn’t been quite as successful as many expected, especially Sony’s reasonably priced PlayStation VR.  While the primary barrier to entry seems to be the price, Sony are moving forward to give more gamers the opportunity to experience PlayStation VR.

The initial plans are to install PlayStation VR units in Japanese arcades, where arcades are still very much relevant in the video game landscape.  With that being said, worldwide releases of the units are not out of the question.

As a part of this new initiative, a new location-based entertainment department will be created within Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The plan could result in more sales for Sony’s VR technology, as many players have not had the opportunity to experience VR first hand.  I, myself, salivate at the thought of experiencing VR (literally) and would relish the opportunity to finally experience the latest innovation in the industry we all love so much.

Rez Infinite, Thumper, and Batman: Arkham VR are sure to be hits in the arcades, and it will be interesting to see whether Sony will use the initiative to create more VR experiences.  New VR releases in 2017 have been limited to Resident Evil 7 and Ghostbusters VR.

Written by John

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