Path of Exile on the PS4 showing a battle in a rocky scene.

Path Of Exile On PS4 Might Be A Replacement For Diablo Fans

BY CHIRAZ ENNACEUR: Grinding Gears Games has confirmed that their action-RPG title, Path of Exile, is coming to PS4.  Previously only available on PC and Xbox One, Path of Exile will make the jump as soon as December 7, 2018.

Path Of Exile originally rolled out back in 2013 and gained quite a lot of appreciation from critics. It initially rolled out for PC which much success, at which point it was ported to Xbox One last year.

An announcement trailer for Path Of Exile making its way on PS4 has also been made available:

It seems like the perfect time to make this announcement.  Diablo has been going through a slightly rough patch, following the Diablo Immortal announcement at the recent Blizzcon event.  Path of Exile is seen by many as a potential replacement.

This is despite Activision Blizzard announcing that Diablo 4 is in the world, though a potential release date seems to be some way off.  As a result, it seems to be the perfect time to target the PS4 audience by rolling out Path Of Exile on Sony’s console.

So while this game might not be a true replacement for Diablo fans, it definitely would deliver a great experience to such fans on PS4, for the time being.

Path Of Exile is slated to roll out on Sony’s console along with the next major expansion, 3.50, on December 7.