Innovative Open World RPG Outward Releases Today

Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio have released their much talked about and highly anticipated Open-World-RPG Outward today, giving players the opportunity to venture into the enchanting unforgiving wilds of Aurai and discover the world full of beauty and danger that awaits.

Outward is an open world RPG that you can play alone or with friends, either online or in split-screen, making it perfect for adult gamers to play with their partners or even children (assuming they’re old enough for the violence).

Outward is billed as being more than just an open world RPG, bringing a new spin to the formula by putting players in the shoes of a simple adventurer, rather than a hero.

Combining storytelling elements that differ with each play through with survival elements, players can expect to fail a lot, but learn from those mistakes as failure isn’t necessarily the end of their journey but merely another spin of their personal epic story.

A unique new magical system, thrilling combat and mastering the challenge of survival in a world full of dangers are key elements of this fantasy RPG.

You can check out the launch trailer below:

Outward is available on Steam for £34.99.