The Nintendo Switch console promotional image.

Nintendo Switch Price: What Will The Cost Be?

The Nintendo Switch price will officially be announced on 12 January 2017. Until then, the rumors of the console’s price paint an interesting picture.

Nintendo Switch US Price

The main indication of the Nintendo Switch price in America comes from Macquarie, a credit rating company. They indicate the console will be sold for between $300 and $350.

Nintendo Switch UK Price

We previously noted that Game are taking pre-orders of £999.99 for the Nintendo Switch. Having said that, it’s safe to say that this is price just a placeholder. Phew!

Tesco had also put up a listing noting the Nintendo Switch price as £349.99, but the listing also noted the release date as the 31st December 2016. Therefore, I’d lean towards discounting this listing and the indicated Nintendo Switch price. The listing has also been removed, which shows that that the listing wasn’t final.

Nintendo Switch Australia Price

There have yet to be any indications of the price in Australia, but looking at the rumored prices for the rest of the market, the price is likely to be around AU$390 to AU$450.

These prices are all higher than we’ve expected from Nintendo in the past, but the versatility of the Switch should more than justify the price.

It’s safe to say that all eyes will be on Nintendo on 12th January 2017 when the company broadcast a live stream of its press conference to the world.