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Nintendo Switch Has A TON Of Indie Games Coming

Nintendo has announced a plethora of independent games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2017. We have the list.

SPOILER: It’s bloody long.

These are the Nintendo Switch indie games confirmed so far:

  • Human resource Machine (March 3)
  • World of Goo (March 3)
  • Little Inferno (March 3)
  • Shovel Knight: Spectre of Torment/Treasure Trove (March 3)
  • Fast RMX (March 3)
  • Blaster Master Zero (March 9)
  • Snake Pass (March 29)
  • Binding of Isaac (March)
  • Has-Been Heroes (March)
  • Pocket Rumble (March)
  • Tumbleseed (Spring)
  • Graceful Explosion Machine (April)
  • Mr. Shifty (April)
  • Shakedown Hawaii (April)
  • Rime (May)
  • Stardew Valley – with multiplayer (Summer)
  • Steamworld Dig 2 (Summer)
  • Yooka-Laylee
  • Overcooked!
  • The Escapists 2
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Redout
  • Gonner
  • Dandara
  • Kingdom Two Crowns
  • Runner 3
  • Flipping Death
  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
  • Cave Story
  • Towerfall Ascension
  • ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Duck Game
  • Oceanhorn
  • Terraria
  • Wargroove
  • Hollow Knight
  • Battle Chef Brigade
  • Celeste
  • Jackbox Party Pack 3
  • Mutant Mudds
  • Ittle Dew 2
  • 1001 Spikes

The list is still incomplete, but already shows the overwhelming indie support for Nintendo’s incoming console.  While many are updated versions of indie classics, some are exclusives, timed exclusives, console exclusives, or support exclusive, capitalizing on Switch features like HD Rumble.

The Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3.

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