The Nintendo Switch logo.

Want A Nintendo Switch? Get A Happy Meal

McDonald’s is giving away the elusive Nintendo Switch console.  The fast-food giant has 100 to give away with Happy Meals.

The Nintendo Switch console giveaway ties in with the return of the Super Mario Happy Meal promotion.  8 toys are available and they’re pretty cool if a little bit…familiar

The 100 Switch consoles will be bundled with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and will be given away between now and May 22.

Entering is easy: buy any McDonald’s meal for one entry, buy a Happy Meal for two entries, or email McDonald’s directly and prepare for a barrage of spam emails.

If a Happy Meal is $3 and a Nintendo Switch is $300, then you’ll have to buy a whole lotta Happy Meals before you’re getting a raw deal.  Unless, y’know, you don’t win a Switch – in which case, you’ll have a hundred cool figurines to console you (see what we did there?).

For full details, check out the McDonald’s website.

Written by John

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