The Nintendo Switch console promotional image.

Nintendo Switch Has DOUBLE The RAM Of The Wii U (But HALF The PS4 And Xbox One)

There were worries that the Switch would only have 2GB of RAM, but a source confirms that the retail units will match the 4GB found in the developer kits.

Emily Rogers (@ArcadeGirl64 on Twitter) previously predicted most of what was revealed in the Switch’s announcement trailer, earning herself a cult following in the process.

While 4GB is double what was feared, it would leave the Switch struggling to compete with the brute force of the PS4 and Xbox One.  Nintendo has never been one to rely on the power of their hardware to sell units, but it’s a shame not to see a little more horsepower under the hood of the Nintendo Switch.

Given the onus put on the Switch being a portable gaming solution, it would be remiss not to compare the forthcoming consoles credentials against the current generation of handheld consoles.  In this respect, the Switch clearly pulls away from the competition, with its 4GB of RAM overshadowing the 128MB found in the Nintendo 3DS and the 512MB found in the PlayStation Vita.

All the same, it is disappointing not to see Nintendo at the very least match the 4-year-old specs of the PS4 and Xbox One – especially considering modern smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Motorola Moto Z possess 4GB of RAM.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the specs for the Nintendo Switch stack up against the PS4 and Xbox One, along with the PS4Pro and Xbox One S. If the Nintendo Switch is too far behind on a technical level then it could significantly impact the potential for developers to port the latest titles.

Written by John

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