NES Classic console with Mario flying beside it.

Nintendo NES Classic Sells Out; On eBay For $30,999.99!!

Okay, so that’s actually for 2 NES Classics. Bargain.

With a recommended retail price of $60, the NES Classic Edition has been highly-anticipated since it was announced three months ago.

While it does bring 30 classic NES games to our modern TV’s, the Classic NES hasn’t been brought completely up to date; there is a lack of internet activity, no way to expand on the 30 games, and ridiculously short controller wires.

Despite this, the NES Classic was released today and – would you know it – sold out today, too.

But, there is good news – you can still get your hands on a NES Classic! The bad news is, you’re at the mercy of sharks on eBay, and they’re charging between $200 and $30,999.99.

Yes, $30,999.99.

While some of the prices can only be described as ridiculous, the $200+ priced NES Classics are flying off of the virtual shelves (I’ve even seen a few $470 options disappear from my Watch List).

My advice? If you’re not absolutely desperate to have a tiny console under your TV with comically short controller cables, then wait. $200 for a slightly updated retro piece of kit is insane; buy the original retro consoles and start building a retro console.

Sure, the graphics will be as they were, but you’ll have access to a lot more games. And retro is cool. It’s official.