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Nintendo Are Banning Pokemon Sun and Moon Pirates

For some reason, some people thought that pirating Pokemon Sun and Moon then going online wouldn’t look suspicious to Nintendo. An expensive mistake.

Given the sheer volume of information being shared ahead of the Pokemon Sun and Moon release, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re the only person on the planet not playing right now. You’re not; there’s two of us.

The truth is, earlier this month, the files for Pokemon Sun and Moon were circulated online allowing full access to the games, including online play with (and against) other players. Well, some players took up that offer, and it seems that the ban hammer is finally being wielded by Nintendo.

Pirates on GBA Temp and 4Chan are claiming that they are getting banned on the 3DS – not just blocking access to online play on Pokemon Sun and Moon, but even refusing access to the general Nintendo e-shop. This means the pirates cannot make any purchases or even redownload titles they already own.  They have to buy another 3DS.

Who said piracy was cost-effective?