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Monster Hunter World – Wildspire Wastes

BY JENNIFER RICHARDS: Exciting news as Capcom deliver a peek at one of the new Monster Hunter World locations.

The next instalment of the long standing lineage was announced at 2017’s E3 conference. During which we saw that the Ancient Forest will be making its return. In addition, much to the delight of their fans, Monster Hunter World will be the first in the series to span across PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Two months later and Capcom has been kind enough to share more than a glimpse of one of the locations in the game – Wildspire Waste.

Wildspire Wastes

This new map is a varied arena with its own thriving environment. Thematic of the desert and tropical wastelands, such as the Namib or Serengeti. Wildspire Waste is a prime example of the interactive world that Capcom is pushing for in MHW. You’ve got vine swinging, lilac frolicking, swamp wading, and, I’m sure, so much more. Naturally, bringing the game to bigger screens means more to explore; with the new open world aspect, to the environment’s ability to change in a living, breathing world, it looks like we won’t be disappointed! See for yourself below:

New features

Ugh, I’m so excited. Oh! But there’s more! With the transition onto new platforms, Capcom wanted to overhaul a number of gameplay systems. This included the multiplayer, combat and item/inventory. You can now call for aid (or perhaps a bigger fight) with the use of flares, a brand new component to the multiplayer system, simplifying hunting and adding immersive detail.

Combat has also been streamlined to better facilitate combos, monsters can now smell you as well as see and you can bait them into monster-a-monster fights. The player can also recover from mount-interrupts with their grappling hook (oh yeah, there’s grappling hooks).

We have been blessed with open world, no more loading screens – for the most part, in addition, the maps can be shaped by the monsters. With inventory and item updates to be seen as well, for more details, check out this great guide.

Final thoughts

I always felt it was a shame for a game with such beauty to be condensed onto a tiny screen. Maybe I’m alone in that thought, but the new platform expansion gets me very hyped. Additionally, these changes mean that they’ve really pulled together a totally immersive, interactive game that takes heed the way pre-existing ecosystems work, what the fans want and what’s been successful so far.

It’s tough bringing out another title with such a legacy. But to overhaul the systems so it can be enjoyed on a number of other, non-portable, platforms on top of this? My hats off to Capcom and MHW’s amazing development team.

We’ve been teased with potentially new elder dragons and other monsters, tantalised with new maps and hooked with new features, I’m on the edge of my proverbial seat waiting for the early 2018 release. As Capcom unveil parts of the upcoming game, I’ll keep you guys updated as well.

Written by an Adult Gamer