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Miiverse closing means end of many features

Miiverse, as reported earlier, is shutting down which means that certain features across various games will cease to function. Here is a small list of what to expect.

When Nintendo’s social network shuts down, here are some of the many things that will cease to function:

Mario VS Donkey Kong: Tripping Stars – All community features will be lost, such as level sharing.

Mario Kart 8 – Sadly, you wont be able to race other players or upload any footage to YouTube anymore.

Resident Evil Revelations – You will no longer be able to taunt other players when they die/you kill them. This was sadly a heavily advertised feature for when this was ported over to WiiU.

Splatoon – Sadly, this will mean your worlds are about to be bleak and bland because Miiverse is used to populate your worlds with other players ink.

Super Mario Maker – Fortunately, sharing levels and visiting other levels will not be killed. However, you will no longer be able to comment on levels.

Super Mario 3D World – Players will no longer be able to see or make comments, posts, etc on the course select screens. Additionally you can no longer post your stickers either.

Super Smash Bros WiiU & 3DS – You will be unable to play in tournaments anymore and you will be unable to share to Youtube.

Xenoblade Chronicles X – You will no longer be able to report other players for abuse. (lol?)

Additionally, all of your drawings are going to vanish too. You are able to save them all to your 3DS/WiiU, so if you would like to keep your artworks and doodles, make sure to hurry up and download them.

Miiverse will see its final day in November. A full list of games suffering from the shutdown has been posted by Nintendo. Sadly, Miiverse is a major feature across the wide array of 2DS, 3DS and WiiU family of consoles and when shutdown, these features will forever cease to function!