Man jumping at a burning helicopter

Just Cause 3’s Huge (And Insane) Multiplayer Mod Goes Live

Nanos have finally brought their Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod online, featuring ridiculous customisable options. Known as JC3:MP, this is Just Cause done right.

Nanos have proven pedigree in developing multiplayer mods for PC titles, having previously created multiplayer mods for GTA IV, GTA V and Mafia 3, each was well received and added a new slant to the multiplayer experience.

Aside from adding reliable multiplayer action with minimal lag, the crown in the jewel of this mod are the wealth of customisation options for those looking to create a unique (and insane) world to play with their friends.

Don’t be surprised to see weapons shooting airplanes, with infinite ammo, while floating around in low gravity.

JC3:MP can be downloaded from Nanos’ website.  I only wish every multiplayer game could add this level of anarchy.

Written by John

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