Sleeping Dogs showing a rainy street in Hong Kong with a man standing in the rain.

Guy Buys PS4 Pro Dev Kit Loaded With Data From Closed Studio

United Front games, developers of Sleeping Dogs and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, closed down in October. On Saturday, someone bought their fully loaded PS4 Pro dev kit.

The dev kit, which appears to be the NEO dev kit (those being used to develop  PS4 Pro games), was sold at auction and purchased by kaneda2004.

Dev kits have always been the holy grail for some console collectors, but the dev kits for consoles are rarely available for current consoles outside of industry professionals. With the PS4 Pro being one of the hottest consoles on the market today, that would make this a fantastic find in itself.

What makes this find infinitely more interesting is the potential of what is on it; many dev kits are wiped clean before being released to the public.  This PS4 Pro dev kit has 800GB of content.

The bad news is, this 800GB of content is locked behind an expired DevKit license, meaning kaneda2004 can’t access these encrypted files.

kaneda2004 shared a screenshot of the console’s front menu, showing the expired license notice.

DevKit licenses need to be renewed every 90 days for security reasons, but kaneda2004 isn’t ready to give up on the potential treasure trove of unreleased game content and has reached out to members of Assembler Games, who will take possession of the dev kit and work to extract the files. If there is anything of interest within that 800GB of content then the aim is to preserve it.

Let’s hope there’s something on Sleeping Dogs 2!