Football Manager 2018 logo.

Football Manager 2018 Release Date Confirmed

The quintessential football management game is coming back for another season, with tempting pre-order bonuses to boot.

Sega has confirmed that Football Manager 2018 will be released on November 10, though those who pre-order the title will also have access to the beta a full two weeks ahead of the full release.  If you’re anything like me, that’s long enough to fail at 17 teams before finding the one that I don’t fail quite as badly at.

The beta is promised to be “fully-playable” and the saves will be transferable into the main game, so players will be able to continue their career should they wish.

Furthermore, those who opt in early and who already own last year’s Football Manager 2017 installment will receive a ‘Contract Extension Bonus’. This essentially grants a 25 percent discount via Steam or the Sega Store on Football Manager 2018.  Oh, and Football Manager 2017 is currently available for £7.00 on Steam if you feel like picking up a bargain.

Developer Sports Interactive has said it’ll reveal gameplay details in late September, but fans will be hoping for the visuals to continue to improve, having made significant leaps in recent years.

Someone tell my wife that I’ll be disappearing in November for about 11 months…