The Final Fantasy 15 main characters with their weapons.

Final Fantasy 15’s Minimum PC Specs Are Actually Pretty Low

Final Fantasy titles are renown for their incredible visuals and, as such, I’d expected the minimum PC specs for Final Fantasy 15 to be high.  I was wrong.

According to the system requirements on the game’s Microsoft Store page, the minimum recommended specs are a GTX 760 (or equivalent), an i5-2400 or FX-6100 CPU and 8GB RAM.

The recommended specs are a bit steeper; a GTX 1060, an i7 3770 or an FX-8350 and 16GB of RAM.

The PC version will be an enhanced version of Final Fantasy 15, first released on consoles last year. It will feature all the existing DLC, improved graphics, a new first-person mode, Steam Workshop support, and support for 8K resolutions (though the PC specs would be astronomical).

Even though I’m sitting somewhere between the minimum and recommended specs, I know I can still expect a gorgeous experience when playing Final Fantasy 15 on my 1080p monitor.

Final Fantasy 15 is due to release early next year.

Written by John

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